Hoang Sa Viet Investment and Development Company was established in 2011. In the early days of establishment, Hoang Sa Viet with a team of 5 members has more than 7 years of experience working in the field of advertising, organizing events. to sue. After many years of operation, up to now, Hoang Sa Viet is proud to be a leading prestigious brand, having made strong changes to multi-disciplinary activities, from the field of art to the entertainment industry, mechanical engineering. automation, electricity and energy and in recent years, we have focused on promoting the development of the field of manufacturing - construction of prefabricated houses. Hoang Sa Viet launched the Hoang Sa Viet Construction brand with a team of highly qualified architects and technical staff, and especially we have a system ofbranches in 63 provinces and cities nationwide .


A. Hoang Sa Viet Construction is proud to be the leading self-manufacturing and construction unit of prefabricated houses in Vietnam. Because, we own many strengths such as:

1. Strong staff - experienced

Experienced Staff - Hoang Sa Viet
Experienced Staff - Hoang Sa Viet

2. Factory with an area of ​​more than 5000m2

Prefab Factory - Hoang Sa Viet
Prefab Factory - Hoang Sa Viet

3. Distribution system in 63 provinces

Hoang Sa Viet Construction has 4 headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Quoc - Kien Giang, Hanoi, Hung Yen and branches in 59 other provinces.

Distribution System - Hoang Sa Viet
Distribution System - Hoang Sa Viet

4. Experience in implementing many projects from the south to the north

Especially combined with the above factors, Hoang Sa Viet has a high sense of responsibility, is not afraid of difficulties, always puts trust and prestige with customers on top. We, guaranteed to bring absolute product quality, effective construction solutions, best construction costs.

B. In addition to the main product line of prefabricated houses, Hoang Sa Viet Construction also has other product lines:

1. Container house [See more products here ]

2. Bungalow [See more products here ]

3. Mobile home [See more products here ]

4. Modular house [See more products here ]

5. Toilet [See more products here ]

6. Vending cart [See more products here ]


Prefab house is a construction method with a long history, formed and developed in the 17th century. After that, it was more popular in the US, UK, Germany... and European countries. Today, prefab houses are widely used in construction all over the world. In Vietnam, prefab houses have been present since 2016, gradually becoming more familiar to consumers. Especially in areas with difficult terrain, where the land has many disadvantages, prefab houses are the first method of choice.

Prefab houses are made from materials that are completely different from traditional houses. Combined with advanced technology, prefabricated houses have been researched and produced in a variety of ways, with more models and more functions. Construction projects have been applying the prefabricated house method in Vietnam: houses, offices, warehouses, factories, homestays,... This solution is so widely used, because owning features and features that a traditional house is difficult to obtain: saving time, optimizing construction costs, easy to disassemble, environmentally friendly, highly aesthetic...


The prefab house of Hoang Sa Viet is used as a 3-layer glasswool panel (glass fiber core). This is a panel composed of two outer sides of corrugated iron, the core is made from synthetic glass wool fiber, with heat insulation, sound insulation, high electrical insulation, explosion-proof, soft and good elasticity. , ideal durability. On the market today, glasswool panels are used by very few prefab construction units because they are more expensive than normal EPS or if used, the construction costs will be quite high. But at Hoang Sa Viet will use glasswool panel for all construction projects from large to small with low cost.